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Health Care Sector In Gcc Faces Talent Shortage

Related Links Dh1b plan for clinical care Other analysts also estimated that visit the website the demand their website for medical treatment in the GCC will jump considerably over the next two decades. More health care professionals will be needed in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. Roman Weidlich, director at Towers Watson Middle East, said that the current shortage and root cause is common to many roles. Staffing strategies of health care providers often do not reflect the limited labour supply within the GCC, and it is common practice for companies to poach from other providers rather than actively source their own talent. Such practice results in people moving around but not in a desired reduction of openings overall, he told Gulf News. Weidlich said that with the opening of new hospitals and expansion of existing ones, there is currently a high demand http://sell-it.info/index.php?blogid=1&archive=2013-10&catid=1 for medical professionals across all job categories. In Saudi Arabia alone, the number of hospitals is expected to increase by 100 plus within the next three to five years. In the longer term, the increased demand will continue in areas related to treatment of illnesses with increased frequency over time such as cardiovascular diseases and diabetes, Weidlich explained.
Read more: http://gulfnews.com/business/my-career/health-care-sector-in-gcc-faces-talent-shortage-1.1275896

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